Suppertime Membership Plans

Suppertime’s Membership Program:   

How the Membership Program Works:

Suppertime is a family-owned kitchen that provides home cooking for you or your loved ones. We have developed the membership program for people that need good food cooked and delivered to their house on a regular basis. We shop for quality ingredients and then cook the meals to perfection. We are as close to having a “professional chef” as you can get without paying a high salary for one. We look forward to customizing the right meal plan for you.

To apply please fill out the ordering form with your desired meals. 


We have two different programs: 10 Meals a Month or Weekly Meal Plan.


Weekly Meals:

This program is designed for people that want regular meals every week. You can choose once a week or every night. You must apply for this program. Once you are accepted into the Membership Program you will receive a monthly estimate of how much the program will cost per month with your customized needs. We will set you up with recurring payments that will be run once a month. With this program you will have the option to substitute your meals. These changes must be in by 9:00 am the day the meal is served.

Meal Sizes/Prices per Meals:

Extra Small Meals: $15 per meal including delivery  (Normally $22-$28)

Regular Eater: $20 per meal including delivery (Normally $32-$38)

Doubler for Big Eater or Two Small Eaters can share: $25 per meal including delivery (Normally $38-$60)

Two Small Meals: $35 per meal including delivery (Normally $44-$56)

​Family Meals: $45 per meal including delivery (Normally $60-$90)

Prices Per Month for the number of days you need a week:

Once a week: Extra Small ($67.50) Regular ($90) Doubler ($112.50) Two Small Meals ($157.50) Family ($202.50)

Twice a week: Extra Small ($135) Regular ($180) Doubler ($225) Two Small Meals ($315) Family ($405)

Three times a week: Extra Small ($202.50) Regular ($270) Doubler ($337.50) Two Small Meals ($472.50) Family ($607.50)

Four times a week: Extra Small ($270) Regular ($360) Doubler ($450) Two Small Meals ($630) Family ($810)

Five times a week: Extra Small ($337.50) Regular ($450) Doubler ($562.50) Two Small Meals ($630) Family ($810)


Six times a week: Extra Small ($405) Regular ($540) Doubler ($675) Two Small Meals ($945) Family ($1215)


To figure out estimated cost for your needs for weekly meals on an auto pay:

(Meal and delivery price* Number of days per weeks * 4.5) Example for an extra small meal delivered to Napa Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (15 * 3 * 4.5)=$202.5 per month. (Fees and taxes not included.)


10 Meals per Month:

Just let us know what you want by calling in, ordering online or e-mailing. We ask that you place all 10 meals at one time in the beginning of the month.
Extra Small Meals: $150.00
Regular Eater: $200
Doublers for Big Eater or Two Small Eaters can share: $250
Two Small Meals: $350
​Family Meals: $450
Additional Services:
Home visits:
This service is a $50 fee which will pay for a customer service rep to come to your home and sit down and review the monthly meals with you. They will help answer your questions and make sure you are getting the meals that are best for your dietary needs. They will have knowledge of nutritional contents and what foods to avoid with your restrictions. This is a great option for people who are out of town but want to make sure their parents are being feed well.
Desserts and Add-ons:
If you choose a dessert every night in your initial application that price will be part of your monthly payment. If you would occasionally like to add a dessert, salad, bread or soup to your delivery, call it in and we will add it on and then invoice that separately at the end of the month.

Delivery Routes and Policy:

We send out our deliveries in blocks that are designed to be the most economical for our drivers. You can choose from different routes and once we have your address we can give you a better estimate of your delivery time. Times are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the day and number of deliveries.


Napa Early Route: 2:00-4:30

Napa Late Route: 4:00-6:00

Yountville Route: 4:30-5:30

Terms and Conditions:
With the membership program you will be saving lots of money per month. You can also substitute any meal that you want that is listed on the day. Please have those changes in by 9:00 on the day of the service.
Each pay period is a month long. You may put meals on hold but refunds will not be issued.
Cancellation/Return Policy:
Per our agreement you are purchasing a whole month of meals. We can guarantee low prices because we are ordering bulk and in advanced. If by any means you need to cancel we will need 24 hours notice before your next billing cycle. The day you sign up will be the start of your billing cycle.
Price Increase:
We try to stay on top of rising costs and we like to pass the savings on to our loyal customers. But sometimes it is out of our hands. We will give you plenty of notice if there are any increases.
Can meals be canceled? Yes, but we will not be able to give you a refund on single meals cancelled.
Can the program be put on hold?? Yes, and we will extend credit for the time you have it on hold.
What is your tipping policy?? Tipping is at your discretion but is always much appreciated.
Do the meals have to be cooked?? No they are hot and ready to be eaten.
Are your containers microwave safe?? Yes they are.