Update from Suppertime!!

Starting Monday March 23 we have 20 new available open delivery slots. Please go to the following website and fill out the form. When we receive it we will call you as soon as we can. There will be someone dedicated to helping you sign up from 10:00-2:00 tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.

We ask that you call in 24 hours in advance for those on the 10 meal card. Delivery slots are filling fast.

Saturday Deliveries are back on.

We will do the best we can to keep to our menu however if things keep going the way they are we may have a hard time getting supplies. I am going to be publishing menus on a weekly bases.

Dinner Delivery Program:

Option 1: 24 Meals

This is for an eater who needs food every night.

Smaller Eater: $264.00 Big Eater or Two Small Eaters: $360.00 Family to feed 4-5 people: $1080.00


Option 2: This is for someone that only need meals occasionally. Purchase a card for 10 meals which includes the deliveries.


Smaller Eater: $120.00 1 Big Eater or Two Small Eaters: $160.00 Family to feed 4-5 people: $450.00


Next weeks Schedule:


Thursday 3.19.20: Turkey Enchiladas with rice and salad.

Friday 3.20.20: Beer battered cod with fries and coleslaw.

Saturday 3.21.20: Swedish Meatballs on noodles with vegetables.

Sunday: No service

Monday 3.23.20: Ham and Scalloped Potatoes with vegetables.

Tuesday 3.24.20: Creamy Tuscan Chicken on noodles with vegetable.

Wednesday 3.25.20: Baked Ziti with salad and garlic bread.

Thursday 3.26.20: Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes and cut corn.

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