Fiesta Menu:


$16.00 per person: Pick any of the following entrée and two sides dishes

$20.00 per person: Pick any of the following two entrees and two side dishes


Included in each meal is, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, chips and salsa on the side. (Flour or corn tortillas for tacos and fajitas are included)


Main Entrees:

Chicken Fajitas (Steak add $3.00 per person) ♦ Ground Beef, Cheese or Chicken Enchiladas ♦ Taco Bar with choice of ground beef, carnitas, or chicken.


Side Dishes:

Spanish rice ♦ Pinto or black beans ♦Cilantro white rice ♦ Refried beans ♦ Mexi-Salad with ranch dressing                                   

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