Delivery Program

Every night we have a different home cooked meal that we deliver to you or your loved one's home.  

These are complete meals, hot and ready to eat. We use only fresh ingredients.

The delivery is included in the price.  

Dinner Delivery Program:

Option 1: 24 small meals.


This is for an eater who needs food every night.

We will deliver an extra meal on Friday for Saturday.


Smaller Eater: $264.00   Big Eater or Two Small Eaters: $360.00


Option 2: This is for someone that only need meals occasionally. Purchase a card for 10 meals which includes the deliveries.

Smaller Eater: $120.00   Big Eater or Two Small Eaters: $160.00

Substitutions: You can substitute a meal if you do not like what’s on the menu. We allow two subs a month, after that we will charge $3.00 per sub.

Sub Options:

Turkey and the works, Meatloaf, Spaghetti, or Soup, Salad and Bread. On Fridays we will have a choice of Hamburgers and Fries.

Cakes and Brownie available: You can pay in Cash or Check or have the amount added to your account.

Cake Schedule: Monday: Chocolate ($3.00) and Carrot Cake ($4.00)

                              Wednesdays: Strawberry Short Cake ($4.00)

Brownies available every day $2.00


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